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Presentation to Entrepreneur Launch Pad

Beyond Imagination Business Coach Kevin Taylor instructed Entrepreneur’s Launch Pad members on the importance of having a written business vision. A business vision is the dream of what your business will be when it “grows up”, or when it is in the stat that you consider finished and successful.
The conversation began with what a business vision is not. Business Vision and a Business Plan are not the same thing. Business Plans are typically written for investors or lenders to show that you have a viable idea. Business Plans are defined by detailed financial projections, and are often over a hundred pages long. Because they are so information-dense, they are often used to hold a desk to the floor after the needed financing has been secured.
A Business Vision, by contrast, is written as a motivational document. This is not written for bankers, but for the business owner, for employees, and even for interested customers. This document is the record of the owner’s hopes and goals for the business over the coming three to five years. It embodies concepts like how big the business will get, how the service and products offered will be truly unique, the things that will draw employees to the company, the good the company will do for customers or worthy causes. This short document (usually one or two pages) is something that a business owner could share with his neighbor, his mom, or a clerk in the store and they would know what the business is meant to be.
This business vision may address sales or revenue goals, but it doesn’t get bogged down in the details of a financial projection. Does the owner want at 20% profit margin? Great, include that; but don’t include a line-by-line profit statement here. There is a time for that level of detail, but the owner’s vision needs to stay concise and clear.
After sharing the basics of a Business Vision, Kevin extended an offer to everyone in attendance to have a one-on-one review of their Business Vision.
Beyond Imagination Business Coaching helps small business owners to learn th skills and master the tools that lead them to their success through individual coaching and group presentations like this one.