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Case Study: Patrick

Patrick is a motivational speaker with 20 years experience who is starting to see the far end of his career. We came together to talk about ways to make his business function without him.
Patrick doesn’t want to stop doing what he does. He loves the excitement of presenting to a crowd. He is a sought after presenter who even grew his business during the Great Recession. To an outside observer, all was well in Patrick business.
Patrick, however, came to Beyond Imagination, because he could see a business that was completely reliant on him: he had written the book; he gave the presentations, he offered the consultations. In his words, the didn’t know how the business could continue if he “got laid up.”
This scared him. And, given the way his business was structured, it scared me as well. A thought leader with two decades of experience could lose all he had worked for with just one unfortunate accident.
As Patrick and I spoke we kept coming back to the EMyth idea of making a franchise model business. This doesn’t mean that Patrick is going to start licensing presentations – although that option does exist – but rather that he is starting to work on defining his business, with its various roles and responsibilities in such a way that he can bring people in to fill those roles should something happen to him.
Patrick’s journey is ongoing, but he has found a guide to inform his decisions.
Making such a deep change to a business is never easy, but it is the only way to take a business that runs you, and transforming it into a business that serves you. Like Patrick, you can create a business that can thrive even in your absence. Then it is up to you what roles you play as your business helps you achieve your success.