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Case Study: Jeffrey

Jeffrey is an attorney who has his own family law practice. I was introduced to Jeffrey by a mutual friend when he faced the choice of whether to continue growing his own practice or accept an offer to work for another attorney in his area.
Jeffrey had a limited amount of time to make this career altering decision, so we quickly focused on his vision for himself and his law practice over the coming years. As I talked with Jeffrey, he and I both discovered that he wanted to keep control of his time, and continue providing pro bono work for some local organizations that he supported. He shared with me his goal to grow his business over the coming years, even though at that time he was barely able to cover the combined expenses he faced in his business and personal life.
As we continued our conversations over the course of a few days, Jeffrey was able to see that taking his client base to this other practice would not help him to achieve the goals that he had set. He would be furthering the goals of the lawyer who made him the offer, but giving up on his own business dreams.
Jeffrey politely declined the offer.
As we jump ahead about half a year, Jeffrey again brought up the conversations we had about his business vision and this buyout offer when he told me of another offer he received. This offer would never have come about had he taken that first option.
Through a series of events, Jeffrey had the chance to interact with an attorney representing his client’s former spouse in a divorce. This opposing attorney was very impressed with Jeffrey, and took the time to show him around their offices. This attorney left the firm he worked for, but had talked about how Jeffrey had impressed him in their interactions. This brought about an introduction to the remaining partner at this firm who offered Jeffrey a partnership opportunity to join with two other atttorneys who would all practice complementary fields of law.
As Jeffrey told me of this offer, we again compared it to his vision of growing a law practice of his own. In this offer, Jeffrey saw a chance to continue strategic partnerships he had established, continue to serve his clients, and have access to a more broad range of new clients as well. And the terms to cover fixed expenses were very favorable for a new attorney with visions of growth.
Jeffrey accepted this offer to become a partner (still with his name on the door).
Oh, and did I mention that the offices are just five minutes from the dock where his friend moors his boat? So on quiet afternoons, Jeffrey still controls his time to be able to slip out and do some fishing on the river.
Jeffrey now has options to pursue his success that were beyond imagination even just a few months ago, thanks to his holding fast to his vision of business success.