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Lasting Solutions

To create true, lasting change in a business, we need to solve problems at a deeper level than they first manifest themselves. Let me give a quick, non-business example of this that I think anyone living in a cold climate can relate to: frost on the windshield.

When the weather turns cold and cars sit outside overnight, a thin layer of water condenses on the windshield, then freezes solidly into a vision obscuring film. When faced with this problem there are a number of possible responses.

You could curse the weather. If it weren’t for the cold weather, you could be on your way.
You could just accept the problem and start scraping. After all, that is the problem. Just fix it and move on.
You could realize that other people aren’t scraping their windshields, and look for a better idea. You could purchase a blanket-like contraption that straps across the windshield and keeps the worst of the frost at bay.
Or, you could park your car inside a garage.

A business owner has similar choices of how to respond to problems in his business. He can curse the economy for poor sales. It’s not his fault that unemployment and inflation are up while sales are down everywhere. While this may seem an appealing response, it also means that the business owner can’t solve the problem since it is completely external.

Another option is to just push more advertisements and run more specials. After all, sales are down, so we need to create more sales. This is about as deep as most business owners look for solutions to their problems.

At Beyond Imagination, we believe that this is just the symptom of the problem. Getting deeper can create lasting growth.
Like putting a blanket over the windshield, we help business owners look at their current product offerings and their current customers to see which create the most profit, or come back most regularly.

Then, like parking the car in the garage we look at the branding of the business from the message to the look of the store. We help business owners to find the brand message that will appeal to their ideal customer, then build a complete look and feel around this message.

Rather than cursing the weather or economy, at Beyond Imagination we help business owners find their success by creating the processes and customer experience that make their business stand out, no matter what the economic climate.