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Beyond Imagination Business Coaching is a catalyst for small business growth. In case you don’t remember your high school chemistry – and I can’t say that I blame you for that – a catalyst is an ingredient you add to a reaction to speed it up. So, when we say we are a catalyst for small business growth, we mean that we help business owners find their success and create a business that serves them more rapidly.
So, why would you want someone who spouts chemistry to help with your business? Well, first, let’s get over the chemistry thing. It’s only an analogy. But when we say we are a catalyst for growth, we mean that we provide the tools to get an entrepreneur control of her business, the accountability to see projects through, and a sounding board for ideas.
Get control of the business? Yes. Many small business owners find themselves simply working for the worst boss they ever had: themselves. Using the EMyth methodology, we give business owners the tools and skills that they need to succeed. The process is based on the needs and existing skills that each business owner has; then proceeds based on how they are able to implement the ideas to create lasting change.
Who needs accountability? Small business owners are in a unique position to be able to avoid accountability better than most. Want to take the week off for no good reason? Who’s going to stop you? Are you going to take a snow day, or push through that big order? Because you are the boss, you make the choices. Having someone to hold you accountable can be the difference between business growth and stagnation.
Okay. The accountability makes sense, but a sounding board? Really? Yes. Really. Haven’t you ever had a great idea, that suddenly sounded completely ludicrous when you told someone else? Was that person brave enough to tell you that “your baby was ugly” as they say? What about a crazy idea that turned out to be a major success? Having a listening ear who is not knee deep in the muck with you can provide a needed perspective to evaluate your ideas.
A business coach from Beyond Imagination Business Coaching can provide all of these supports and more as the catalyst to help you achieve your success.