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blindersQuick! What’s your blind spot? What challenge keeps you from being able to grow your business as quickly as you want? Don’t know? You’re not alone. Seeing your own blind spot is tough; that’s why they’re called blind spots. EMyth-trained coaches at Beyond Imagination Business Coaching help business owners to see these weaknesses, understand how they impact business growth, then work with business owners to build on their strengths.
As I tell you that all business owners have blind spots, let me clarify that these are the distorted shadows of the strengths that have enabled business owners to create the businesses they have. For example, a micromanager usually is very intent on things being done the right way, and very concerned that the customer get the best experience, often at the expense of letting employees grow and make mistakes.
The good thing about blind spots is that while they’re nearly invisible to you, others can easily spot them. Most people aren’t brave enough to point them out to you – particularly if you’re the boss ad business owner – but they can see them, or at least the symptoms. A business coach at Beyond Imagination is trained to identify the roots of these dysfunctions, and they are willing to point them out to you. In fact, that’s a lot of the reason to hire a business coach. You want someone who is able to identify issues, and brave enough to tell you about them.
After a coach helps you to see your own blind spots, it would just be cruel to leave things there. However, since a weakness is a distorted shadow of a strength, we also don’t want to tell you to get rid of the weakness, as that would involve discarding the strength as well. Instead, a Beyond Imagination Business Coach helps you to be aware of the how your dysfunction manifests itself, and how you can begin to become aware of your blind spots. Even just this much knowledge goes a long way toward solving these challenges.
Using all of this new-found knowledge, a business owner is prepared to take herself and her business to the next level. And their business coach is there with the tools and skills they need to do it the right way.