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About Us

When business owners want something different from what their company is doing or giving them, I help them to find ways to close the gap. Whether they are worried about making payroll, getting control of their life back, dealing with challenging employees or customers, or trying to figure out how to grow. I help them to find the success that seems just out of their reach.


My name is Kevin Taylor. I am a business owner and Certified EMyth business coach. I provide coaching to business owners who are really good at what they do, but not really good at running a business. I help good graphic designers or plumbers or new business owners learn how to get their business to give them what they want from it. I help them acquire the tools to either survive or grow their business to create the life they want for themselves.

Following the sale of the family business which I co-owned and managed for over 15 years, I figured that I had seen and solved just about every problem that a business owner could face — from losing money to regulatory issues, from employee problems to inconsistent service delivery, from acquiring new locations to selling the business — as I ran the operations of a $10 million and nearly 200 employee company. I have felt the pains of a small business owner as well as the problems and blessings of growth. I would love to help you get the success you are after in your business and life. I am an EMyth Certified Business Coach, prepared to bring their coaching process and my experience to work for you.