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Sell Your Business?

What’s My Car Worth?

Sometimes I’ll visit the Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guides sites just to see what my car’s worth. I’ll take the five minutes to put in all of the details, the sunroof, the power seats, the cruise control. Why? I don’t want to sell it right now, but I’m curious. What could I get for it? Incidentally, I always look at the excellent condition, high retail price. Who doesn’t?

What’s My Business Worth?

The reason that I start with my automobile example is that my curiosity makes me equally interested in a new tool that EMyth and John Warrilow – author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You – have teamed up to create: The Sellability Score.

I Don’t Want to Sell My Business

I know that you don’t want to sell your business. It is still a work in progress. You are enjoying some of the freedom that you are getting from it. And, besides, who would hire you? Okay, so I don’t know your actual reason, but I know that most people don’t want to sell their business today. I don’t want to sell my car today. (Although my wife would like me to downsize from a full-size pickup truck to a sedan that she can drive more easily.)

Look at who put this together: EMyth! This is not the company known for selling thousands of businesses. It is the company known for helping thousands of small business owners get what they want from their business. There are no business-sales brokers lurking around the back end to make a low-ball offer. There are some coaches there to help you understand the report and willing to work with you to create value in your business by implementing ideas that come from the report. In fact, I may well be the coach that walks you through the report.

So, why do this today? Simple curiosity is a great reason. You don’t want to sell your business today, but haven’t you ever wondered what it’s worth? (Like I’ve wondered about what my truck is worth?) Maybe you are trying to figure out a succession plan for five or ten years down the road and want to know what will make your company worth more then. Maybe you just want to be able to tell you friends what your business is worth. Any one of these is a great reason to take 15 minutes to take the quiz. It is free, and so is the report. And, so is the time a business coach will take to walk through it with you to understand it.

There is even more good information about The Sellability Score in a blog post written by Jonathan Raymond on the EMyth blog. Check it out!

What’s your business worth? It may surprise you.

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