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Why I Chose EMyth

Running a Family Business

Once upon a time, not so many years ago – that is one of my favorite ways to start a story; the other about a dark and stormy night doesn’t apply here – I was one of the family members in a family-owned business. My brother and I were the minority owners to my father’s majority share.

One day my brother recommended that we use a company called EMyth to help us improve our business. This was a little shocking as we were not, at the time, in any financial trouble, and by visible accounts everything seemed to be running fine. However, never one to be satisfied with the status quo, my brother wanted to create some positive changes in the business.

I’ll not get into the whole family dynamic here as it would take far to long to deconstruct. Let’s just say that in order to create a business that we could eventually take over, we did need some changes. He convinced me of that, and somehow we convinced our father.

Over the following four years we worked through the EMyth process with our coach. We covered lessons ranging from our own personal values, to a vision for the company, through finances (in which we had a pretty good basis) and on to management (where we, surprisingly, had a lot to learn). We, the owners, would learn, then we would figure out how we would share our new knowledge with our employees.

Some things were easy to implement, others we never did quite get right. But, along the way we created new structures and processes that supported us in supporting our employees and business.

When we started out I figured there wouldn’t be that much that we would have to change. By the time we were done, I wondered what we hadn’t changed.

Selling the Business

Then one day we decided that our coaching was done. Not because we had overhauled the business into everything that we wanted for it to be, but because we received an offer to purchase it. With a firm offer in hand, and not much potential upside to us from continuing to pour resources into the business, we ended our coaching.

What we did not end was the practices that we had been implementing over the past several years. We kept working on the business and maintaining the ground that we had taken. Why? It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

It is a good thing that we kept up our new practices, because the sale took about 18 months to complete. (There’s a whole other set of stories behind that, but they don’t belong here.)

Making Plans

As one of three people guaranteed to be out of a job after the sale – the owners – I had to make some plans for my next life. And with a non-compete agreement they weren’t going to be simple plans. My mind raced across all of my hobbies; I scanned my résumé for varied experience that would translate to other fields. Then, as any good retentive personality would do, I made a list: My list of possible future careers.

What a list it was. It covered everything from owning a company (although I had no idea what that company would be), to working at a local bike shop. However, most everything on the list was vague. Just as vague as I shared it here. There was one thing that I knew that I had enjoyed from the past several years, though. That one thing was the experience working with an EMyth coach. I had enjoyed almost everything about that experience, and remember having thought more than once that I would enjoy being the coach as much as I enjoyed being coached. One specific item made it onto my list of potential careers: Become an EMyth coach.

Putting Plans into Action

I found out that EMyth was looking for people with extensive business experience to become a new wave of coaches: coaches who could speak with the confidence not only of having a great program to back them up, but also with the confidence of knowing how things work in real businesses. With that focus, I was hooked.

Since making that decision, every step that I have taken has reinforced in my mind that I have chosen a company that can create success not just for the business that I was an owner of, but for countless other businesses around the world. I have also realized that my experience, backed with the EMyth system creates a wonderful combination that allows me to be the coach who can deliver that success to business owners that I work with.

I chose to work with EMyth because I saw first hand the impact that it can have on a business and business owner. Why would I not want to share that with everyone?

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