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Can You Solve Frustrations?

Transforming Frustrations into Solutions

One of the key processes that an EMyth coach will work with a client on is the process of resolving frustrations in their business. What kind of frustrations? Anything that is bothering a business owner. There is a definite process to follow for this, but the process is best explained in a coaching session; so I’ll not do it injustice by slaughtering it in just a few words here.


So, why even bring this up if I’m not going to give away this huge secret for free? Simple. I just worked through the process myself. Okay, a shortened version of the process. Maybe not on a business altering frustration, but one that I am glad to have removed from my life.


That cord is the source of my frustration!

A key part of coaching over the Internet is having a good headset so that I can hear a client and they can hear me. The most stable way to accomplish this is a USB headset with a cord long enough to be able to exist within a workspace without feeling completely tethered to a seat. I do like to stand up, or may need to find something behind me, or need to grab something off my printer while connected to my headset.

Obviously, since I’m now describing it, I have a good USB headset. Unfortunately, the downside of a cord long enough to accommodate my style is that it dangles on the floor when I’m not using it. For example, every time that I take the headset off to stand up, the cord dangles on the floor. Given that the cord runs from my computer, and I face my computer, the cord falls almost directly where my right foot also resides. When I stood up, I would snag the cord almost half the time. I’d feel a slight tug on my foot or ankle, followed almost immediately by a crash on the ground. I was lucky that I hadn’t damaged the cord, broken the headset, or pulled something else down with it. But it was still driving me nuts. I would either consciously think about making sure my foot was clear of the cord, or (by default) pull the cord whenever I stood up.

charlie-brown-arghTo quote Charlie Brown, “Aaugh!”


I have long held the attitude that I either need to solve a problem or stop griping about it. I couldn’t stop griping about this problem, and yet I let it continue for several weeks before I finally did something about it.

When I did finally leap into action, I found a simple solution hanging (pun intended as you will soon see) around my house. Last week my wife recruited me to clean out the garage. As I was doing that one item that I noticed was some hooks, intended by the manufacturer – if the packaging is to be believed – to hang Christmas decorations of some sort. While cleaning, my only thought regarding these hooks was where to put them so they weren’t just clutter.


Hanging the cord two feet further from me has saved my sanity.

However, the next day when I tripped over the tangled cord yet again, my brain finally put all of the pieces together. I promptly marched out to the garage, grabbed one of these hooks and returned to my office. (I do work at home so this is fairly easy for me to do.) Within five minutes I had a hook mounted under my desk with a headset cable dangling from it, far from my feet.

I can’t tell you the wave of relief that came over me by resolving just this small business frustration. It was free, but even if I had to buy the part would have probably been only a buck. It took almost no time. It has saved my sanity ever since. With a quick flick of my wrist as I remove my headset, the cord is safely away from my feet and off the ground.


How often do you (or I) live with a little problem for far too long simply because we don’t know how to resolve it? How many of these frustrations have solutions almost as simple as the one I implemented? Then why don’t we just solve the problems rather than griping about them for weeks, months, or years? I think that the answer is that we sometimes like to have problems in front of us. As long as there is a problem, we have an excuse for not doing something else that we want to avoid. That something else may be critical to the success of our business or our personal growth, but this little annoyance is in the way, so we can’t do it.

Want to know more about the process of turning all of your critical business frustrations into solutions? For that you’ll have to sign up for EMyth coaching. But for today, look at your life and see if you have your own cord tripping you up (literally or metaphorically). If you do, then fix it. Now.

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