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From Doing to Embodying

The Journey from Technician to Entrepreneur

As business owners we tend to focus on what we have to do: do our daily task list, do the marketing, do the work. Do, do, do. There is so much to be done that it is unavoidable. Even as an EMyth Business Coach, I find that I give clients things to do. Sometimes it may just seem like I’m adding to the to-do list. That’s not all bad because to understand something we need to do it. But recently I’ve realized that business owners don’t need more things to do, and that there’s a bigger purpose behind what I bring than just more processes, or creating more systems.


Becoming an Entrepreneur requires a metamorphosis from a Technician, not just doing things differently.

I’ve come to realize that the process that most needs to happen is the transformation from doing to embodying. The transition from Technician to Entrepreneur. The transition from a caterpillar to butterfly. You see, at some point every business owner has to come to realize that they need to experience a metamorphosis, a mighty change. They come to see that just being good at doing the work of their business is no longer enough. They need to become good at owning their business. Ultimately, my job as a business coach is to help a business coach to get to that realization more quickly, then help them through it.

To use the analogy of the caterpillar, no matter how much a caterpillar does the work of a butterfly, it will never be able to fly. The caterpillar has to become a butterfly. When that happens, all of the tasks, the to-dos, the work changes from being something that it is trying to get done, to become simply what it is. The butterfly naturally takes flight and does what it is supposed to do.

So many small business owners are like caterpillars trying to do what butterflies do. The to-so list grows with the stuff we don’t like doing. We spend precious time and energy convincing ourselves that we need to do the stuff we don’t enjoy. We go to seminars and read advice of what business owners do so that we can do the same things in hopes of getting the right results. But, we are still Technicians, doers, trying to do everything to make a business work.

It’s not until we become Entrepreneurs (in the EMyth use of the word) that we start to feel enlivened by these activities. Only as we become  and embody what our business is, what our passion is, do we truly create something that will draw others in. When we allow that mighty change to happen, we embody the change and the growth that we want for our business.

So, how does this happen? Unfortunately, I can’t give a three step process here, because the journey is different for each business owner. Many never make the change with their first business because they are too focused on what has to be done. Some find the change in a crisis. Others have a mentor of coach who can help them to see the way through the changes they need to make.

If you think you’re ready to start this process of metamorphosis, but you don’t have a mentor or coach to help you through, I recommend at least looking at the EMyth Business Perspective. The nine principles outlined there not only embody what EMyth stands for and teaches, but also lay out the course for a Technician to become and Entrepreneur, or the path from doing to embodying.

  1. Your business is inside of you.
  2. Change is inside out..
  3. Realness is required.
  4. Ownership ≠ Equity.
  5. Meaning is not in your head.
  6. Got Meta?
  7. Discomfort is part of the job.
  8. Create value, not work.
  9. Systems are a means.

These don’t do themselves. In fact most aren’t even tasks. They are a way of being. And truly implementing them involves discomfort and pain. That is why a coach is so helpful in getting through the process. But as you embody these changes you will find your relationship to your business changing, your relationship to the work changing, your relationship to yourself changing.

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