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Get Your Goals and Actions in Line

quentin-l-cook-largeThis past weekend I heard some counsel in a very non-business – aka religious – setting that I found to apply quite well to my current business situation, and to that of many other business owners. While listening to Quentin L. Cook speak in the LDS General Conference, I heard the words, “Many choices are not inherently evil, but if they absorb all of our time and keep us from the best choices, then they become insidious. Even worthwhile endeavors need evaluation in order to determine if they have become distractions from the best goals.” As these words hit my ears and my heart, I realized that there is much in owning and running a business that requires similar guidance.

Every day as a business owner, I am faced with decisions. How much time and effort should I spend building a social media presence for my business? Should I attend that networking meeting tomorrow? Do I send out a follow up email to a prospective client or spend more time preparing to meet with a current client? Each of these options is a “worthwhile endeavor” that I could pursue. None will actively destroy the business I am building. But, am I ignoring the important to spend time doing what I am comfortable with?

Additionally, as a business owner I face the challenge of having no one to hold me accountable. If I sleep in, or take a long lunch, who will notice? In fact, who will care? Later in this same talk, I heard this challenge addressed as well, as the speaker urged, “Review goals and objectives and strive to exercise greater discipline.” I have goals. You have goals. Every business owner has goals. When was the last time that you thought about those goals? It is so easy to get so busy in our business that we forget where we are trying to go. The goals that we established fade into vague memories as we simply fight the fires before us today. Or, we become so accustomed to the daily routine that we lose discipline to try something new.

So, how do we overcome these challenges? I have a few ideas

Review Goals

Start each day by reviewing goals you have for that day, week, month, and year. Then set priorities for your actions that will drive you closer to these goals. Sure there may be 12 things you can tick off your list quickly, but if none of those things really moves your business forward, why waste the time, or keep them on your task list at all?

Look at Actions

When you find yourself doing something for only the reason that you’ve done it that way for a while, evaluate it. Surely it served a purpose when you first started doing it. Does it server that same purpose now? Is that purpose still important now? These repetitive actions can suck away our time with only marginal benefits over time.

Get Accountable

If you don’t have an accountability partner already, find one. Grab another business owner and offer reciprocal accountability. Make it part of a networking group. Or, hire a business coach who will bring this as part of the service of the engagement.

Do Something

As a business coach, I see these challenges far too often. I see people lose sight of goals, lose motivation against the daily grind, or stop actively making choices. If you’ve fallen into any of these ruts, start by simply doing something.

If you want to talk to someone about how you can make a first step, call me at 801-243-6874 or email me at kevin@BeyondImaginationCoaching.com to set up a time we can talk.

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