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Why I Got a Personal Trainer (and Why You Should Care)

A bike ride?

I took the first bike ride of the season with a couple of neighbors who are strong riders the other day.

Now, let me give you a little background into cycling in my neighborhood that will make this story  more meaningful. I moved into the neighborhood that is home to the Aspen Hills Cycling Team. Never heard of them, neither had I before i moved here, so don’t feel bad about that. This is a group of pretty strong riders who spend a lot of time talking about how how of shape they are before they start racing each other up an 8% grade. I don’t often talk about how out of shape I am because once the grade goes over 5%, if just fall off the back.

So, my first ride of the season was the other day. I got suited up knowing that I would spend a lot of time off the back, but figuring I should at least get my baseline for the year. So – after a brief pre-ride discussion of who was dressed appropriately for the conditions and who wasn’t – off we went.

The first test came as we climbed the 8+% pitch that heads out of the neighborhood. I started ahead, fully expecting to be passed at the half-way mark. Somehow – and I attribute this to the others talking and taking it easy up the hill – I hit the top first. I then managed to hang on for the following kilometer of climbing before the first descent.

Personal trainers push you to achieve more.

Personal trainers push you to achieve more.

I could give blow-by-blow details of the rest of the ride, but let me just summarize it by saying that I then yo-yoed with and behind the others for the next 35 km.

At the turn-around point, Kurt commented that I was riding stronger and asked what my secret was. The only difference between this season and last was that I am working with a personal trainer to address my physical weaknesses and get me better prepared for the cycling and water skiing seasons.

So, why tell you about how great I am (not) on my bike?

A Business Coach

I recognize a similar effect in my own personal training as I do in clients working with a business coach. For years things have gone along in about the same way. Their business has not been the greatest, but it has been consistent. They’ve done the same things, and found the same results.

Then  they find a business coach. They share their goals and frustrations. And the coach starts them down a road that doesn’t seem to lead exactly to where they pointed. After a while, however, they find that they are getting different results: results that align more closely with what they want from their business. Much like my training, it may not be apparent right off, but there are moments when the differences become clear, and the value of the personal attention shines through.

Could I have just gone to the health club and worked out on my own? Sure. I would have stuck to the machines that I am comfortable with, and done the exercises the same ways that I always had. And my results would have been just the same as they had always been.

Can a business owner run his business without getting help from a coach, mentor, or trusted advisor? Sure. He’ll keep doing it the same way he always has, getting the same results, and complaining about the same issues.

Why? In both instances the answer is about the same. Blind Spots. We just don’t see our own weaknesses as clearly as others can. And, when that someone else is well trained, those weaknesses become fightingly obvious, and they can help us to identify and work through them to get the results we want.

So what?

So, why did I get a personal trainer? To perform at a higher level in my sports of choice. Is it working? Early results seem to indicate that it is.

And, why should you care? You should care about my results only because they are so indicative of what small business owners struggle with every day. Doing the same thing over and agin, and wondering why nothing ever changes. But, with the right help to do things a little differently, and a little pain in the moment, the results can be staggeringly, amazingly different.

If you want to get an idea of how a business coach could help you create the business you really want to own, contact me. We can talk through some of your current challenges, and probably find a few things you can start to change whether you choose to use me as a business coach or not.

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