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What challenge keeps you from being able to grow your business as quickly as you want? Don’t know? You’re not alone.

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In case you don’t remember your high school chemistry – and I can’t say that I blame you for that – a catalyst is an ingredient you add to a reaction to speed it up.

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Case Study: Jeffrey

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Case Study: Brett

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Presentation to Entrepreneur Launch Pad

Presentation to Entrepreneur Launch Pad

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I have had the opportunity of working with Kevin to help grow my business.  The ideas and insights he provides are always beneficial.  The ability to have someone not as close to the situation who can assess situations more objectively has been a plus.  And when that person has the knowledge, education and passion for success that Kevin has, this is a winning combination.  I highly recommend Kevin for anyone who is looking to grow their business.

– Kyle Taylor

Its always good to wipe the lenses clean and see a new perspective on the opportunities that are right in front of you. Thanks Kevin from sharing your inspiration.

– Mona Brown

Great speaker, great info, great people! I’m really glad I went and will hopefully be able to attend more!

– Jenny

One of the most beneficial things Kevin did for productivity within our company was meeting monthly on an individual basis with myself and my department heads.  We were able to set individual goals and discuss ways to meet these goals. Kevin helped the work ethic of the company as a whole by helping my employees in their day to day work and this built their self-esteem.